Cirrus RCA

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Cirrus clouds form in the highest levels of our atmosphere and are the inspiration for the name.  Our Cirrus RCA cables have musicality and performance to match their namesake height.


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Our Cirrus RCA cable is crafted by hand requiring over 12-man hours to complete and shares some of the same DNA as our Cirrus power cord including:
– A labor-intensive handcrafted, three-dimensional conductor orientation
– Litz wound conductors
– 7n OFC
– Multiple shielding layers to reject both RFI and EMI
– Teflon® insulation over each conductor for noise rejection
– Rhodium over silver-plated copper plug ends
– Made in the USA


Our customers have replaced sets of highly regarded, much more expensive XLR interconnects (yes, we are talking balance connections) with these single ended RCAs.  They have reported back to us of hearing greater detail, better coherency, and blacker backgrounds among other improvements.


Additional lengths can be ordered for an additional $200 $150 per half meter.  Simply contact us directly for any custom orders.

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