Finley Audio is Michael Van Voorhis, Dan Halchak, Chris Doman, and Billy Hanna



Michael Van Voorhis, a self-described audio enthusiast and the company perfectionist, has been a professional pilot for nearly his entire life.  His many passions beyond audio include fine woodworking, speaker building, motorsports, and creating meticulously crafted cocktails.  His insatiable need to know and research every last detail within his system was born by the same skill set demanded by his profession.  It was Michael who first started researching, designing, building, and testing cables long ago.  Creating an affordable, high-performance power cable has been his focused passion for years, yet his aspirations for the future of Finely Audio extend far beyond that.  If not for Michael, there would be no Finley Audio.

Dan Halchak is the maestro of all things IT and the digital domain.  His entire professional career has been dedicated to designing IT architecture, facilitating its implementation, and ensuring the accurate transmission of the digital content.  He is even using the server he designed and built for his home to host this website!  But Dan is the kind of person who is never satisfied with the status-quo.  Forever modifying and tweaking from the time he first started in home audio, Dan has never been afraid to open up a component and pull out his soldering iron.  Through the shear act of ‘doing’, he has discovered what kind of changes will, and will not, make any system sound better.  Every component in his system, whether digital or analog, has gained significant sonic improvements as a result of his modifications.

Chris Doman is the one who keeps the rest of this eclectic group grounded in reality.  Chris’s practical application of engineering principles and ‘hands on, dirty fingernails’ expertize is the glue that holds this gang of divergent minds together and keeps them on task.  His natural ability for designing and installing commercial and industrial smart-building technology encompassing HVAC, Electrical Power, Security, Lighting, Equipment and Machine Control is enhanced by his innate skill for staying focused on the BIG picture while not wasting time or resource going down rabbit holes.  And when it comes to designing, fabricating and maintaining manufacturing equipment, Chris makes MacGyver look like a bungling novice.  His practicality extends to his system, too, it being totally comprised of used equipment which he has resurrected, refurbished, and modified..

Billy Hanna, aka: the practicing curmudgeon and audio snob, has never been impressed by price tags alone.  Billy’s first system back in the mid 70’s was an Advent 300 receiver, 201A cassette deck and Linn LP12 partnered with large Advent Loudspeakers which he describes as one he could easily live with today.  Considering himself a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”, some of Billy’s professional experience spans the gamut of shooting chickens at aircraft windshields for PPG Industries and running his own foreign car repair shop in the 80’s, to later supervising a plasma physics R&D lab for Eaton Corporation, and as Quality Assurance Manager at a high-precision machine shop supplying the US military, international automotive, electrical power distribution and medical industries.  His current role is design assurance engineer overseeing Smith & Nephew’s NAVIO Surgical System, a robotics surgery platform now being used worldwide for knee replacement procedures.