Finley Audio was created to “pay forward” to the audio hobby.  We, like you, are tired of other products with simple designs using inexpensive materials being sold at elevated prices.  Plus, oftentimes when you have a question it is difficult to engage with that company to find answers and guidance.  Our goal is to not only produce stellar audio cables delivering real-world value but also to provide a family atmosphere and personal service to those looking for help in finding their audio nirvana.

When you become a customer, you become part of the Finley family.

45 Day money back guarantee

Two Year Warranty

Trade-up program

We are here to help you find your audio smile.  You know that smile that spreads across your face when you hear your system sound just right?  When you close your eyes and cannot stop your foot from tapping?  When you get goosebumps and a warm cozy feeling at the same time?  That smile.
We want to help you reach that emotional place by realizing the full potential of your audio system.  A tweak here or a nudge there is sometimes all it takes to go from good to great.
All our products are engineered and constructed by hand in the USA to add performance and value to your audio system without inflated egos and prices.  We design our audio cables using real science and validated engineering measurements.  Then we finely hone every last detail of the design, construction, and material selection, resulting from our exhaustive listening regiments.  At Finley Audio it is our mission to personally guide your product selections to cater specifically to your own system, so you too may find YOUR audio smile.