Cirrus Speaker Cable

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Cirrus clouds form in the highest levels of our atmosphere and are the inspiration for the name. Our Cirrus Speaker cables have musicality and performance to match their namesake height.

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The Cirrus speaker cable pair takes around 20 man-hours to build and is hand-laid over its entire length using some of the same technology as our other Cirrus products.  Its construction includes:


  • – A labor-intensive handcrafted, three-dimensional conductor orientation to naturally shield against outside interference as well as internally induced noise
  • – 7n OFC
  • – Litz wound conductors
  • – Teflon® insulation over each conductor for noise rejection
  • – Silicone jackets for added electrical performance and flexibility
  • – Rhodium over silver-plated copper banana or spade connectors
  • – Handmade in the USA
  • – 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Countless iterations have been created, tested, and discarded until we were totally satisfied with our highly tuned design.  Multiple conductor numbers, materials, and diameters are utilized to achieve its total 9 gauge per polarity.


While many popular manufactures choose to offer bi-wire speaker cables that split the conductor gauge to each input compared to their standard speaker cables, all of our tests indicate a loss of performance utilizing this approach.
Our better performing solution is to offer speaker jumpers using identical materials to our cable for a full 9 gauge connection to each of your four speaker input terminals.  Speaker jumpers are discounted when bundled with an order of cables from this product page.
However, to achieve your system’s very best performance in a bi-wire configuration, tests show a separate two cable solution is warranted.  Our internal construction method will not allow all of the necessary conductors needed in a bi-wire application to be assembled in a less than reasonable final cable diameter.  Since most customers prefer their speaker cables to be smaller than a fully-fed boa constrictor, we have separated the upper and lower music regions into their own cable sets.  This ensures the proper voltage and current are received to each section of your speaker’s crossover network for improved performance.  We only recommend this latter approach to those with highly detailed and resolving systems.


Custom longer lengths can be ordered at an additional $500 per half meter.  Additional lead times are necessary for these orders.  Simply contact us directly for any custom orders or specific questions about your setup.

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Amplifier end termination

Banana plugs, Spades

Speaker end termination

Banana plugs, Spades


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