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Our Stratus Speaker cable’s performance sets the bar at this price level outperforming other manufacturers’ products at twice the cost.  Give your system the speaker cable it deserves.

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A primary goal of ours is to create products that provide audio performance gains and real value to systems of every budget.  After many designs, tests, and revisions, we have created a speaker cable that is easily accessible and, most importantly, still meets all of our requirements for a true audiophile cable.  The Stratus Speaker cable is an affordable option for those looking for a discernible cable upgrade.


Each cable pair is crafted by hand and includes:
  • – 16-gauge copper conductors
  • – Internal shielding to block RFI and EMI interference
  • – High-grade silicone, instead of the more common PVC, for the jacket material providing improved electrical properties
  • – Choice of either solid copper spade or banana terminals
  • – Handmade in the USA
  • – 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee


We hand-lay this cable pair using 16 gauge conductors.  We then shield the entire cable to help block noise from EMI and RFI.  The whole assembly is then jacketed in very flexible silicone, which further helps shield the cable.  Finally, we use black Techflex over the cable to give it our distinct maroon color.


Each connector is crimped using NIST traceable crimping equipment and then soldered with WBT silver solder.  The pure copper banana connectors are of a low mass design.  In addition, the interior of the pins are filled with a color-coded, compression elastomer.  This greatly aids in expanding the banana pin inside the audio jack for better surface contact and power transfer.  The spades are also pure copper and are a very thick 2mm.  The spade opening is 8mm.


The bi-wire version does NOT split each conductor into two leads halving the gauge to each speaker terminal.  Instead, an additional conductor pair, chosen specifically for its properties, is added to the cable construction.   This ensures the proper voltage and current are received to each section of your speaker’s crossover network for improved performance.


Our starting tier Stratus Speaker cable is not only a major step up from your zip-cord found at your local big-box store but also competes with other competitor’s $500 offerings.  Try it in your system and experience for yourself the performance gains you can have utilizing our 45-day money-back guarantee.


Custom lengths can be ordered for an additional $55 per half meter above 3.5 meters.  Bi-wire lengths are $80 per half meter above 3.5 meters.  Simply contact us directly for any custom orders.

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