Stratus Power Cable

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Do yourself a favor and chuck that included, generic black power cord in the trash.  Instead, give your component a power cord it deserves.


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We wanted to create a power cable that is easily accessible to those looking for their first budget-level power cable upgrade.  It is also created for those who doubt or dismiss the whole idea that a power cord can improve their audio system in the first place.
Each cable is crafted by hand and includes:
  • – 12-gauge, silver-plated conductors
  • – Teflon® insulation over every conductor for noise rejection
  • – Internal shielding to block RFI and EMI interference
  • – High-grade silicone, instead of the more common PVC, for the jacket material providing improved electrical properties
  • – Handmade in the USA


We hand lay this cable using Mil-spec, 12 gauge conductors.  The conductors are silver-plated and use the same Teflon® insulation just like our higher-tiered cords.  We then shield the entire cable to help block noise from EMI and RFI.  The whole assembly is then jacketed in very flexible silicone, which further helps shield the cable.  Finally, we use black Techflex over the cable to give it our distinct maroon color.


Our Stratus power cable is a major step up from your OEM appliance cord which is included with your component.  Try it in your system and experience for yourself how that $1.00 generic power cable is holding back your system from its true potential.


Custom lengths can be ordered for an additional $35 per half meter.  Simply contact us directly for any custom orders.

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