Cirrus Phono

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Cirrus clouds form in the highest levels of our atmosphere and are the inspiration for the name.  Our Cirrus phono cable will elevate the performance and musicality of your turntable.


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Our Cirrus RCA cable is crafted by hand requiring over 12-man hours to complete.  In addition to the integrated grounding lead, our Cirrus Phono RCA shares some of the same DNA as our Cirrus RCA cable including:
– A labor-intensive handcrafted, three-dimensional conductor orientation
– Litz wound conductors
– 7n OFC
– Multiple shielding layers to reject both RFI and EMI
– Teflon® insulation over each conductor for noise rejection
– Rhodium over silver-plated copper plug ends


This cable was developed with a lofty set of design requirements from the beginning.  Our objective was to produce a phono RCA cable that provides outstanding shielding and the purest signal pass-through we could achieve at a fraction of the price of the other well-known brands on the market.  Based solely on the feedback from individuals within the industry who use them and whose names you would likely be very familiar with, we have achieved our goal.


Additional lengths can be ordered for an additional $200 $150 per half meter.  Simply contact us directly for any custom orders.

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