After all, great things can come from the garage.

Some of the best companies out there started in a garage, whether it’s Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google or Harley Davidson.  The garage is where many great ideas come from.

Finley Audio is no different in that aspect, however, it is different from what we are trying to achieve.  We want to help the world’s music lovers get the most from their equipment.  Sitting back, closing your eyes and listening to the sweet sounds that emanate from them is what brings countless hours of joy to millions of people around the globe.

Starting this day, Finley Audio wants to be there for the community that has supported, helped, and loved the members of this company.  Today is the day we give back to all audiophiles!  We will never stop learning, never stop growing, and never stop trying to improve on what is out there.  We will never take advantage of the ones that are strapped for cash, adding what they can, when they can to their systems and having to scrape by for every piece they earn.

We will move this audiophile community with making people realize that price and performance can be separated.

And so our journey begins…