At least we initially thought so when we started down this audio journey twenty plus years ago.  However, we did not take that statement at face value. Instead, we tried different offerings from well-established and lesser-known companies.  After hearing slight improvements, we started making our own basic power cords for fun.  We wanted to see if we could come close to the performance of some major companies.  Over the years we have experimented with dozens of cable constructions, topologies, and materials.  We started consistently being able to blindly discern differences not only in internal conductor materials and construction methods but also different plug platings and shielding methods.  However, in the end, we did not come close to achieving the audio performance of some of the very best cables from major manufactures.

We surpassed them.

While trying to make our very best power cord for ourselves we learned that thinking of our stereo components are at the end of the AC chain was wrong.  Instead of it being the last two meters of the electrical journey, we realized that our equipment lies smack IN THE MIDDLE of the alternating current’s path.  We learned about skin effect, velocity of propagation, and dielectric properties.  But the most important thing we learned was there was no single silver bullet.  All these factors and more must be considered when building a superior cable.  So, when we built our own power cords we tweaked our design to accommodate every factor we could think of.  Our best cables are hand built from the ground up using very specific techniques that we could not find offered anywhere else.  True Litz wound conductors, 7n copper, and solid billet plug barrels are some of the high-grade materials used.  Our internal construction is not simply twisted but employs a special topology that better cancels unwanted external and internal interference.

Once our friends heard our power cords they wanted them for themselves.  They told us we should start selling them.  We thought it was a crazy idea, but then again so are we.  And so here we are.

We will not promise that our cable products will magically transform your audio system to grand heights achieving other worldly performance.  We do hope you hear all the same improvements we gained in our own systems of improved clarity, expanded width and depth of soundstage, blacker backgrounds, and enhanced realism.