The Tail is wagging the Dawg…

this is how we see the ‘old-school’ audio industry in general

Audiophiles (us ‘dawgs’) reasonably expect products that work at a realistic and fair price.  This is without all the pandering, the smoke and mirror, the snake-oil, and the ‘doggy poo’ which we unfortunately so often encounter.  We are tired of being exploited; especially when it comes to audio accessories in general & cables in particular.

The Scent leads the Hounds home…

we do nothing different

While the distinct technical details of our cables are held as business-protected intellectual property, their materials and basic construction are not.

When we started out making cables for ourselves, we sourced low-volume commercially available materials.

Then, as it turned out, after buying and conducting both listening and electrical testing along with dissecting many other cables already offered in the audio market, we were left to discover everyone else was essentially using the same materials as us. 

Overcoming the Pavlovian response…

we do it totally different

Today, we source and purchase the highest quality materials at the lowest prices available.  Some of them are exclusive to our design specifications and all the materials we use have been measured and tested to verify they are capable of delivering the specified level of performance we have established as the product design requirements for each style of cables we offer.

Materials, labor, and business operating costs are then calculated and you have arrived at our retail pricing.  Currently, our margin is based solely on the cost required to keep this business ‘experiment‘ running for the short-term.  In other words, without even including our start-up costs (which by the way, came solely from our own pockets) we basically break even on each sale.

Should our little venture prove successful, increased volume will help to slightly reduce production costs.

So without increasing our price point, someday, if we run our company in a prudent, efficient, and honest manner, we may be able to realize our goal of a minimal, sustainable profit which will be re-invested in new product development.

 Dawg-pack Loyalty…

our answer to the problem

Still, until that day arrives, should it ever happen, we are and always will be a ‘family’ company.  Our mission is to pass on to the audiophile community (our family, our pack, our ‘Dawgs’) in reverence to those enthusiasts and mentors who over the many years welcomed us with open arms, open hearts, and honest and hard-earned advice.  Now it is our turn to pay forward all the knowledge and experience we have gathered over the many years since, when as pups, we first picked up the scent on the trail to discover our own “audio smile.”