You don’t know what you got until it’s gone.


That’s where I’m at now.


For the last couple months or so I’ve had our product(s) in my system doing evaluation and just making sure, “Do these things work.”  During this time, I’ve really noticed that I am over all just really enjoying my system.  More so then I ever have.  It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting down and critically listening to something new or busy doing stuff around the house (*cough* like making cables for others *cough*) or just having some streaming radio station playing.  Remind me in another post to tell you about Buddha Bar streaming radio.  Anyways, no matter what, there was a musicality, a ‘rightness’, a ‘relax-ness’, and “easy-to-listen-to” (-ness) that I didn’t realize was there and just happening.


Because you don’t know what you got until it’s gone…  and that’s what has happened.  Through needing cables to send out to people, to let friends test and see what we have been up to, to making changes and needing a ‘standard’ cable to demo against.  Slowly, one by one (sometimes two by two) the cables have left my system.  And in their place, I’ve put back the cables I had once thought were some great cables.  And really, they are.  I have both custom-built cables using off-the-internet (OTI) pre-built wire and just slapping some decent ends on them to three or four manufacturers that really do make great cables.  So, the system has been slowly reverting to what it was before we took on this adventure.


I just now realized I was writing all this without music playing…. what was I thinking?  *click* play…. ahh much better.  I was wondering why it seemed so quiet.  Sorry, I thought this funny enough to just write this in here as it happened.


Where was I?


Oh yes… My system is now sounding like what it was before all our cables were landing in the system.  And you know what… it isn’t the same.  Does it sound good?  Would anyone really complain?  Can I really hear the difference?  I think the answer is ‘yes’.  It’s not like my system is un-listenable however, it’s also not as enjoyable.  I’m much more aware of the things that are missing, like the dynamics in instruments, the depth of sound stage, the pinpoint placement of instruments or sounds in that sound stage, as well as a slightly narrower sound stage, and the blackness.  The void in between all the instruments that has a feeling like it’s trying to suck sound into that vast and deep void.

I miss all that.

Which means that now, we (Finley Audio) must build another set of cables for my system.  Why?  Because, I now know it’s worth the cost to have these cables in my system.  When people talk about next level… this is what I imagine they mean (in reality) versus how I think it’s taken by most people.  It’s a change in one’s system that is very noticeable and for the better.  It’s one, that when you revert to how things were before… you know you can’t go back there.


And so, let the building begin!  Because I believe in what we have.