Who would think that within a six-month time span… I would be sitting here writing out a new blog on a website that Michael and myself created?


The truth of the matter is Michael did a GREAT bit more on this site than I.  I deal with IT, so what did I learn/do?  Well, designed a web server and got it to run WordPress.  Then I figured out all the details around how to make it work and function with our limited budget.  Michael, he took it on himself to learn how to design a website in WordPress.


The number of hours of researching, testing, failing, starting over, and re-designing has been countless.  It’s really a testament to both Michael and I and our desire to make things work and to help this company in any way we can.  I’m sure that neither he nor myself have logged all the hours we put in making a tweak here or a change there.  Oh, most of it has been captured…but not all I can guarantee.


I just wanted to write this blog to say how proud I am of what Michael has learned through this process.  After all, he’s not in IT, it’s not his profession, it’s not even his hobby, but he has learned to persevere and “put his nose to the grindstone.”  Without him, there would be no website.


I, of course, being in IT, knowing what I am capable of, didn’t know if I truly had what it would take to get this working.  I knew technically I could figure things out (eventually), but would it be enough to make this happen in the short time span we had?  After all our goal was set to have this site up and running by Capital AudioFest 2018.  Apparently, since you’re reading this, we made that deadline, by a week or so…but it was really really close.  So, I will take a small second of self-indulgence to pat myself on the back that we are here, at this point to hopefully continue on this great journey.


Probably one of my favorite things about this is the fact that as soon as we let the proverbial “cat out of the bag” to Bill and Chris that we had a website (as infantile as it was at that time), Billy was on the site immediately and having dreams of grandeur from the first time it loaded on his computer.  As Michael started designing the site the way he imagined it and it really started falling into place, Bill’s praise, his love of what we were doing, and how amazing it was… THAT kept pushing us.  So, in his own way this site is part of Bill’s as much as ours.


After all, Bill is on the site more than anyone and keeps checking for new content…. I’m sure half of our hits are due to to him refreshing the site in his browser.


Chris will start to get involved as soon as he sees the power to what we can do here.  He doesn’t like to write, so we’ll see how much content we can pull from him.  But he’s a fountain of knowledge, and we just need to capture that and put it into words and preserve them here.  It will come, so look forward to that!  Plus he’s busy working on the design of a few of our other products.  A good thing would probably be to have him start blogging about his thoughts on the new lines of products (talking interconnects and speaker cables as well as the final of the Stratus and design of the Nimbus).


I’m sure there are some mistakes on here (the website in general).  I’m sure there are things that don’t function just right (probably more on he Mobile side).  Please forgive us as we are neither web designers, nor graphic artists, nor creative content creators.  We are just four humble guys, working on a website and doing the best we can.


If anyone reading this gets this far, we welcome feedback with telling us that there’s something wrong or if something doesn’t work on the site.  We can’t test everything on here and get it right after all.  Once we get bigger, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to have a person or two that can maintain this (beyond Michael and me) that really knows what they are doing!  At that point, you’ll see the website completely change (for the better).  HA HA!


Anyways, here’s another fun post about something that doesn’t have to deal with audio…but goes to show what this Finley Audio Family is about.

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