So these are just SOME of the cables we’ve been producing for testing (you might even see a couple you know)…that’s what’s in the picture.

But really…

We just wanted to update people that we have the Nimbus and Stratus cables almost ready.  The Stratus is waiting for its final branding to be finished up.  The Nimbus cable as been technically finalized and we are in the “cosmetic” stages of making it look just a good as the others to bring that to Market.

We are also working on our RCA line.  Yep, we heard the masses and we know we need to bring this out.  So we have developed a few designs that we are going to test and pit against each other.  Once we have one that comes out on top as the best, we will earmark it as our top tier RCA cable.  After we make it look as good as the Cirrus Power cable, we will get it ready to send out for some customer feedback.  If people like it, we’ll be ready to build and release it!

What we learn from the RCA will also be moved into producing XLRs for those of you (like me) that are a big fan of balanced cables.  So two channels with one cable??  Play off of two birds with one stone (not saying one cable carrying two channels… settle down.  ha ha).

So this is what we are working on.  If you have any ideas of what you’d like to see us produce, feel free to drop us a note.  Anything is possible.