We just wanted to let people know where we are and what’s been going on.

There is progress!

We have worked out the packaging of how our cables will be sent out to everyone.  Our goal here is to provide quality packaging equal to the level of products we are providing.  Not only do we want to have our products survive the trip, but also we want you to have the fun ‘unboxing’ experience with each of the products.  However, that doesn’t mean we will go all out and spend lots of money on packaging that doesn’t make sense and then, quite frankly, gets passed on.  The thing is, that experience is only the first, quick step to the enjoyment of a Finley Audio product.  So there’s no need to go overboard in this process.  That’s why we have reserved only a small percentage of the product cost and then designed an appropriate parcel within those parameters.  As much as we like fancy packaging when we buy things, we also know that there is that wonder of “how much did they spend on this versus the product I just bought.”   We want to alleviate that and be upfront in saying, yes some of the price goes into packaging, but we only want that to be a small fraction of it.  This way we can keep our promise of putting you first.

Another aspect we are finishing up is the Stratus Power Cord.  This is getting the final branding and pictures will soon be taken for the website.  Then it’s ready for sale!

Let’s talk about RCAs.  We’ve made numerous prototypes and been through multiple rounds of testing with those designs.  And what have we come up with?  Well, we have decided that we are going to initially bring out two RCA designs.  One will be a cost-friendly design, and the other will perform at the same level as our top power cord.  Going through all the demos and finding the ones that just make us smile while listening to them has been a lot of hard work.  I mean, after all, listening to music is hard work, isn’t it?!?

Whew.  I think after all this hard work it’s time to cue up an album and enjoy a tasty beverage.