New product release at Capital Audio Fest 2019


Finley Audio is excited to announce the Cirrus interconnect series debuting at Capital Audio Fest 2019.

Our RCA, XLR, and Phono cables share the same DNA as our Cirrus power cord: a 3-dimensional conductor orientation, Litz wound 7n copper conductors, Teflon dielectric, multiple RFI and EMI shielding layers, and rhodium over silver plug ends.

Our design and testing processes, refined from our power cords, resulted in interconnects which improved our own systems in every way compared to anything else we have tried.  We believe these Cirrus interconnects, like the Cirrus power cord, represent a great value when compared to other equally priced offerings. We hope this interconnect line improves your system as much as it did ours.

You can see and hear our whole line of Cirrus products in the Robyatt Audio room at this year’s Capital Audio Fest 2019.

We are also elated to release the Stratus line of interconnects and power cables.

The Stratus RCA, XLR, Phono, and Power cables are engineered toward the first-time cable customer to exceed expected performance and deliver true high-end quality, but at down-to-earth pricing.  However, the quality of materials or the care taken to hand manufacture this product line was not cheapened in the least. Silver-coated Mil-spec conductors are hand assembled along with RFI and EMI shielding to block unwanted interference all encased in a superior silicone jacket.  Gold plated connectors finish out the construction of the interconnects while the Stratus power cable connectors are rhodium plated.