Finley Audio was thrilled when Robin Wyatt, owner of Robyatt Audio, informed us he was using our cables (the Cirrus line of Power, Interconnect, Phono, and Speaker) for his CAF room this year.  His reputation for putting together systems presenting a pure, musical synergy is legendary.  To be included in his latest creation is high praise from a man known to make no compromise to attaining his goals.

Speaking of synergy, Kent McCollum’s Electrostatic Solutions Quad 57s provided a pure undiluted liquid dose of audio nirvana, along with all the other associated equipment, down to David Stanavich’s WaxRax turntable foundation.

The highlight was for me was meeting Tom Fine.  Spending time with Tom and learning details of the process involved in remastering and cutting the latest Mercury Living Presence reissues was fascinating.  And Tom is such a wonderful, easygoing person. For all the knowledge and accomplishments in his portfolio, you would never guess he is so approachable.  His audiophile demeanor is laid-back, unpretentious, and blue-collar, but with a legacy that is vast and absolutely unique in the industry.

That Chad Kassem would devote his uncompromising approach to produce this historic music for us to relish is a true gift.  It must be a very special personal and emotional milestone for Tom to have this opportunity to be a key element in the creation of this project by bringing the groundbreaking work of his parents, Wilma Cozart and C. Robert Fine to us, the music lovers of the world.

Congratulations to all involved with making this event so memorable.