Congratulations to Robyatt Audio for receiving the Gold Show Award from AVShowrooms at Capital Audiofest 2019.

Terri Eringi chose the room as her “take away” system of the whole show, while Peter Breuninger described having tears for the first time listening to a system.

Curated by owner Robin Wyatt, the room’s equipment, in addition to our Cirrus line of interconnects and power cables, consisted of a VPI HW-40 turntable with a 12″ Fatboy tonearm ($15,000) mounted with a Miyajima Infinity Mono ($3350); a second arm—the Schroeder SQ Reference ($9950)—carried a Miyajima Destiny cartridge ($7500).  The rest of the system was a Mytek Manhattan II Preamplifier ($6000 base, plus extras), Metal Mat’s CU180 Cirrus Platter Mat ($1375), Butler Monad power amplifiers ($19,000/pair), Electrostatic Solutions Quad 57s ($6000), Wax Rax LP-H Console ($8500), TT-1 Turntable Stand ($7000), and LP-C Record Pedestal ($1650).

You can watch AVShowrooms’ video review of the show HERE.  Peter Breuninger talks about his listening impressions of the room at the 1:08 mark while the “take away” discussions start at the 39:00 mark.