Finley Audio is excited to announce the release of the Cirrus Speaker Cable.  Over two years of development was used in researching, testing, and fine-tuning the Cirrus Speaker cable utilizing much of the same technology applied to our Cirrus line.


Starting with our best-engineered prototypes, we ensured the Cirrus Speaker cable meets or exceeds all our performance and quality requirements.  As with all of the products we have created, countless hours were spent critically listening and tweaking on a range of multiple systems ranging from all-tube to the latest solid-state topologies.


This nine-gauge design includes 7n copper, true litz conductors, Teflon dielectric, and a ton of late-night work sessions in the shop with cold pizza and warm Mountain Dew.  Matching speaker jumpers crafted with identical materials are also available for bi-wire applications.


You can find more detailed information about the new Cirrus Speaker cables here.